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Bunker Fuels: Know the benefits of working with a strong counterpart

Publishing Date: September 30, 2016


Knowing how to manage risk is the key to a successful long term strategy in the bunker market and this holds true for buyers, suppliers and traders. This has never been so true following the demise of OW and the recent news regarding Hanjin Shipping.

Knowledge is power

In bunkering, the term “risk management” is often used in the narrow sense of applying analytical tools and hedging strategies to handle fluctuations in the price of fuel. However a risk management strategy should be so much more: it is about identifying and quantifying all the dangers that exist in the market, and developing strategies that will protect your company from the many potential pitfalls. Before entering into any commercial transaction, you should have a clear understanding of the counterparty you are transacting with. Then you should maximise the benefits of working with strong counterparties and

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