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Lab Lubricant Analysis Technician

Marine Lubricant Analysis for Your Fleet

Marine lubricant analysis should be 100% independent. As a partner of almost every major manufacturer, we are not aligned to any one brand. We confidently provide trustworthy marine lubricants analysis and interpretation of results.

Bearing, drive shaft, gear and chain lubrication
Marine lubricant analysis program features
  • Testing of viscosity
  • Soot and insolubles
  • Acid content and base number (BN)
  • ISO code
  • PQ index
  • Elemental additives
  • Scrape down analysis
  • Fuel dilution
  • Optional ferrography and microscopic data, to identify maintenance needs
Lubricant Analysis
How we analyze your marine lubricants

Request a lubricant analysis, and a kit will be dispatched to you within 24 hours. Follow the simple instructions to take lubricant samples and return the kit in the prepaid envelope. We take care of the rest.

We encourage consistent monitoring to build a trend analysis. Your historic data is stored on a personalized, secure web page. With continued use of our lubricants analysis program, you will receive trending reports for each of your vessels, which allows you to monitor your lubricants’ performance and condition.


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Prolong the service life of your machinery and reduce your operational costs.