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Marine lubricants to optimize performance

World Fuel Services delivers marine lubricants, oils, and greases– combined with unparalleled technical consultation. Trusted by marine customers throughout the Americas, EMEA, and APAC, we provide reliable, competitively priced marine lubricants.

Wherever you sail, World Fuel Services supplies.


Marine lubricants from World Fuel Services, delivered wherever you sail. We offer premium quality, competitively priced lubricants, oils, and greases accompanied by world-class technical expertise.

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Are you operating at peak capacity?

World Fuel Services’ global marine team features local experts embedded in key locations, trained to help you choose the right marine lubricants to optimize your Fleet performance.

Since the turn of IMO 2020, World Fuel Services has been at the forefront of Fleet optimization.

We offer experienced partnership to enable you to make informed decisions. Whether you are having issues with Cylinder Oils choices for your main engines or EAL Lubricants for your Stern Tubes or Bow Thrusters. World Fuel Services work tirelessly to determine what your contributing factors looks like. By looking at the corrosion contributors, we determine the correct product selection and potentially condition monitoring program that promotes optimal performance of your equipment.

Our objective is to keep your ships operating at peak performance. So you have more time to focus on what matters most, your customers.


Decades of marine lubricants experience

Selecting from a full line of cutting edge; lubricants, oils, greases, and coolants to find what works best for your machinery, budget, and operations.

We work to address the single most important question to a ship owner today: ‘What is my total cost of ownership?’

Explore commonly asked questions and answers in our FAQs below or you can download them now.


What is a lubricant?

By definition, a lubricant is a substance that helps to reduce friction.

What do marine lubricants do?

Ships are complex equipment. Slow yet powerful, engineered for efficiency thus increasing the operational stress of your on-board Marine Lubricants.

Whether you are trying to manage acidity as a by-product of the ships combustion process or manage oil degradation of an Environmentally Acceptable stern tube lubricant. Each application requires a tailored lubrication solution, the consequences can be severe.

At WFS, our experience of working with premium manufacturers of cutting-edge Marine Lubricants helps us to deliver a Technological solution. Working in tandem with you to determine and optimize your total cost of ownership.

Are more expensive lubricants better?

Yes they are, though there is a good reason for this.

If you are familiar with changing the oil in your car, your options are usually limited to: Mineral, Semi Synthetic and Fully Synthetic. The molecular structure of these oils differs based upon how they are refined and engineered, usually to the benefit or detriment of your ships needs within a certain application.

Whilst cost is a key parameter to many decision-making processes, what if you considered that spending more short term saved more long term?

WFS can help to review and rationalize your portfolio of onboard Marine lubricants, setting KPIs to drive consistent benefits and reporting accordingly.

What is oil lubricant testing?

Your Marine lubricants are the life blood of your ship, as they run through the ship operating as are designed and as you need. Monitoring them can help to determine the health of your equipment on board.

Lubricant testing and/or oil condition monitoring is like a health check for your ship. Ignoring the symptoms may only prolong the problem. Why wait for something to go wrong?

Should I choose the same brand for all of my lubricants, coolants, oils and greases?

By contracting your Marine Lubricants demand singularly with WFS – we are able to help you to the manage the economics of working with a single or multi-branded contract. Though recommend maintaining 80% of a single brand of lubricants onboard your ship to be able to determine the performance despite the difference in chemistries. Remembering synthetic lubricants are formulated differently, they typically will not mix without adverse effects.

How can I access technical data about my lubricants?

Search our online database of product data sheets and MSDS. Get the specifications and details on any lubricant product we offer. Search Product Data Sheets + MSDS

How often should I change my lubricants?

Through the use of WFS onboard Lubricants Analysis and/or Oil condition monitoring, you will be able to determine any oil degradation and plan for any change accordingly.

How do I know it’s time to change my lubricants?

Through the use of WFS onboard Lubricants Analysis and/or Oil condition monitoring our simple ‘Traffic light’ scheme will aid you in being able to see whether your lubricants are operating with a green, amber or red.

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Support for all types of Marine customers

The Marine Lubricants we supply are carefully selected, working towards optimizing performance of your equipment. We serve a diverse customer base including a wide variety of ship types and sizes - Worldwide 24/7/365.

Choose the right brand of Marine lubricants

World Fuel Services have significant relationships with premium marine lubricant manufacturers around the world which enables us to focus on improving your marine lubricants performance indicators.

No Ship is the same as the next, as is no Marine Lubricants solution.

Whether a 2 Stroke, 4 Stroke or Steam Turbine Engine – our team are on hand to build your Supply Chain based upon the everyday challenges your ships could sail towards.

Which brand should you choose?

First, we listen so we fully understand the needs of your ship or fleet – including engine type, fuel type, application, and trading pattern. Then our marine lubricants team walks you through the best options including help you select the lubricant products that deliver the most long-term value.